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Luiz Suarez New Home in London

Luis Suárez Buys New House in LondonUruguayan soccer star, Luiz Suarez has bought a new home in London just few days after accused of cannibalism crime in the FIFA world cup 2014 in Brazil. The player was accused of biting the Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. Following the incidence, FIFA has burned him from participating in nine international games together with a 4-month non-participation in active football (not even stepping his foot in a football game).

Luiz Suarez through his agent went ahead and bought his house in London ready for next season’s tournament despite the Media reports that his club may force him to end a 4-year contract he signed at the end of last season. The reports have also claimed that Suarez is sending a strong message for his critiques who think that indiscipline conduct may end his career as a remarkable footballer.

Media reports has also claimed that this new home has cost 1 million pounds making it one of the luxurious homes to be sold in London. The reports have also indicated that the Uruguayan star is likely to inspect the home before allowing his wife and two children to move in the beginning of August.

Indeed, this is an indication of booming real estate in London after the same company selling over 10 homes to over 10 football stars in the previous season. Other rumors also suggest that Luiz Suarez may sell his property once his contract ends in his current Liverpool club; however, the footballer has claimed that he is there to stay. It will be interesting to see how events will unfold as the Luiz Suarez set to move in in his new home.

As the Liverpool’s lethal striker continues to surprise the world over his behaviors’, he has made history as the first world famous player to buy his house in the city of London at a cost of 1 million pounds.