Soccer Fantasy Pick 4: David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the most prominent soccer figures in the history of mankind. He is like the Donald Trump or the Bill Gates of soccer. The retiring former captain of the England soccer team has won 19 major trophies in his career and made tens of millions of dollars from marketing and advertising.

David Beckham Fantasy Soccer Pick

Since 2007 when he moved in the States to play for the L.A. Galaxy, Beckham has become increasingly popular not only due to his skills as a player, but also because of his glamorous style. Even if last year, on 16 May 2013, Beckham announced his retire, he will always remain in the hearts of UK and US soccer fans as one of the best soccer players in the history.

David Beckham was a true visionary, both on the field and outside of it. He managed to score some fantastic goals when he was playing at Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Milan. Any complete fantasy soccer team needs to have a visionary and glamorous player, and David Beckham is certainly the one you need to choose for this position.

This fantasy soccer pick was suggested by David Saba from Inbound Marketing and SEO Miami

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