Futbol Players Spotted on Video Chat

More and more reports of soccer players participating in random video chat websites continue to arise all across the world. Mark Rimple from the UK was one of the first to encounter Lionel Messi in the popular video chatting website It is common to find Hollywood start frequenting random cam sites. This is seen as a publicity stunt, and it works. Social networks go bezerk when a celebrity is spotted on chatroulette or and the video chat service has been forced to go down because of the traffic spikes this buzz generates. At one point, the media even reported President Barack Obama was surprising US citizens on (a popular video chat site). Suppossedly, he was using the site as a way to measure sentiment towards his presidency and as a way to talk to the nation. However, these reports where denied by the white house and later proven false.

Obama on the Phone Line

Reports of Barack Obama being spotted on are false.

Soccer player such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi and Jorge Campos from Mexico have also been spotted on some of the most popular chatlines including questchat and livelinks where they like to talk to their and get a feel of what the population thinks about them.

The internet has allow these international soccer player and Hollywood stars to reach out to their fans like never before. Keep your eyes open while using these services as you never know what surprise you will find!

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